TFT motion test

-Scroll the page down to see the ghosting...

You may start by looking at this colorsheet, TEST-sheet1 or as PDF Try to move the sheet up and down in a smooth movement, and observe if you see any ghosting.

Here are some other color sheets: 1 2 3 4 or as PDF (again scroll or move the sheets)

The basic principles for the ghosting is sketched below.

The normal respose time, is the time it takes for a pixel to go from black to white to black. A more useful measurement includes the transition time from black to gray levels. This measurement gives a characteristic response time curve, which could look like this:

The observed ghosting trails from the vertical movement of TEST-sheet1 is related to this response time curve.

This curve is highly dependent of the type of TFT panel, being TN+Film, IPS, MVA or PVA (see this wiki-link for more info). Here are some other links to sites with display tests
Behardware (In danish)

Custom test

Below you can make your own specified test, and see the ghosting between custom color combinations.

Choose the color of the background and the lines. Colors are in 24bit RGB. Range: 0-255, where 255 is the brigthest.

Color of the lines: Red: Green: Blue: (640000)
Color of the background: Red: Green: Blue: (003c64)

Now, scroll this page to the bottom line in a smooth movement and observe the ghosting trails from the horizontal lines.

Get Firefox! For best results, use the SmoothWheel extension with the Firefox browser. (For super smooth scrolling).